Dec 5, 2010

Pretty In Pink

skirt 24.99£- New Look, cardigan 15£- Awear, blouse 22£- New Look, shoes 36£- Asos,  tights 6£- Awear, bag 35£- Accessorize

Hey everyone! i'm really sorry for the lack of posts lately. i lost the charger for my camera and now i can't take any pictures! i actually wanted to start a Give Away yesterday but i decided i will do that some time next week. if i find the charger that is! i remember giving it to my brother so it must be somewhere in his apartment! if not then i'm really screwed. i can't use my little camera anymore it just sucks way too much. i think i will get the new Canon EOS 600D as soon as it comes out. it's time for a nice new camera anyway. i heard it's going to be out in February next year so i have a little time to save some money. anyway.
how have you all been? here it's snowing and ice cold! i really don't like this kind of weather when i have to go out. i mean if i could sit next to the fire and drink a hot chocolate all the time i really would not mind the snow that much but because i have to travel by public transport ... it is a nightmare! everything is delayed all the time. my feet get cold. even everything in my bag gets cold. oh and i still haven't started my Christmas shopping yet! i think i will do that after uni on Wednesday. 
tomorrow i actually am going to the hairdressers. finally. i think i will cut a good bit off my hair because it just got too long for me. it's a nightmare to style it. but i might become chicken when it's time to cut it... i'm quite sentimental with my hair lol. plus my mom always says it's better to have long hair than short (easy for her to say with her really short hair!).
i should go now and search for that camera charger!


  1. I just ran across your blog and I'm so happy I did. I love it!

  2. Love the blouse!!!
    And I agree with you with the whole cutting your hair thing, I'm always too scared to do it whenever I go to the hairdresser's!!!