Dec 9, 2010

My Trip To Metz

Hello! here is just a short little picture post. i actually did not see too much of the town of Metz itself- we drove to a forest approx. 30km away and visited an old abandoned labour camp from WWII- trying to find a monument for all the people killed there. but all we found were ruins and a lot of snow! the snow was really deep and nobody else was in the forest- the silence was like in a horror movie. there was even a warning sign that it's military property... i'm not too sure if you are even allowed to go there. 
the little i saw of Metz made me want to go there again! hopefully i will soon (i think my mom wants to go there again too)- there were cute bakeries everywhere and the Christmas Market was also really cute. we drove home at 8pm and arrived shortly after midnight- all very tired and exhausted.

it got dark so early! and the weather was rainy too. we were not very lucky with the time to go there i guess - i bet it's like paradise over there in summer though :)


  1. wo sind meine Macarons, Madame Chung?!

  2. haha ^^"
    leider hab ich dort keine kaufen können. wir waren in gar keinen Läden (ich war selbst sehr enttäuscht) :*