Jun 5, 2012

Birthday Wish List

I can't believe it's June! soon I'm going to turn 25... ugh! sooo old :-( but hey... a quater century will maybe bring me some more luck huh? 

I fell in love with this beautiful Motel playsuit. and they had a 25% jubilee discount so I will treat myself with it heehee

Finally ASOS has stocked Clarisonics for international customers and Peonies are my favorite flowers so yeah this will also (hopefully) land on my birthday table. of course i will also need a cleanser

When i spotted these River Island sandals I totally saw me wearing them for summer at work. we don't have air con and as soon as it gets over 20°C outside it's boiling hot inside. 

Oh i wish i could have everything from the Topshop make up department! But I suppose this highlighter and lipstick will do :)

The weather right now is actually awfully cold... I'm thinking about getting my wintercoat back from the basement and wear it... what happened to Summer? I hope those few sunny days we had were not the only ones...



  1. clarisonics are soo good!definitely recommend it xx

  2. Oh, I loooove that playsuit - I have the exact one in black. It's gorgeous, the only downside is that when you want to take it off, it's more of a hassle than with other playsuits!


  3. Like the lipstick !


  4. I have been loving this playsuit for such a long time but never made the purchase, the print is so cute!

    ordaining serendipity