Sep 21, 2011

Week #38

jumper- H&M

Hey there! i am really sorry there are no good pictures today but i left my camera at my parents and won't be going back for a while as i always have to work. starting uni in october again and want to work as much as possible before. i will still keep my job during uni though. i love working as a SA at H&M. my co workers are all really lovely and it's such a nice experience. not to mention my awesome 25% discount and other nice things :)
i actually spotted a cobalt blue jumper the other day that i'm gonna buy with a 50€ voucher i got. have you noticed how it gets dark earlier and earlier every day? to be honest i like autumn. it's my favorite season of the year and finally i can wear coats and jackets again. which reminds me that i have to find myself a nice warm coat for snowy cold winter days which are certainly going to come soon. but i just can't find anything nice in the shops... maybe they haven't stocked the good stuff yet who knows. will definitely keep my eyes open or maybe you have a nice suggestion?

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