Aug 6, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

i painted my nails differently last night just to check which look i want to go for and i decided for the one on my index finger (it's Eyeko "pastel" and "vintage" polish with my beloved OPI "last Friday knight" and a matte topcoat.) 
work today was quite easy as it was surprisingly empty in the shop for a Saturday, my boss even let me home earlier and i was carving chips after work so i went into "Real" and bought some hot and spicy ones (note: i love the self check out there- there are only very little shops that do that in Germany for some reason. wish all shops had that). oh i also meant to show you some outfits i wore this week:
1. dress: Miso, 2.dress: Glamorous, 3. hoody&skirt: H&M, 4.dress: Topshop
think i will go to sleep now as i feel a little exhausted from walking around through the shop all day (love some of the new collection pieces! so much mustard colours and peter pan collars cuuuuute!)


  1. ooh cute nails love the glitter polish, good choice :) x

  2. ich hoffe die neue Kollektion kommt bald in GE an, zzt gibt nur scheisseeee :( In welchem H&M in Düsseldorf bist du denn?

  3. love your nails and 2nd and last outfits, gorgeous! x

  4. Lovely nails! I love the last outfit - I have the same dress in red, wish I had it in all the colours they do!