Jul 23, 2011

Week #29

i don't mean to be flirty here... my eyes are just very weird when i'm tired lol
Hey there! I've decided to spend the rest of this Saturday in bed as i'm not feeling too well (must be this strangely cold weather over here). i had a job interview earlier so please cross your fingers for me ;)
i meant to show you pictures of my dorm room- well, here it is... not the whole room my desk was way too messy to show you but here are my bed and my "ward robe" which consists of two clothes stands
got a public library card and also an American Apparel voucher that i will probably spend on Monday 
oh and i treated myself with some new MAC make up. finally bought the "MAC red" lipstick and i must say i love love love it. i now own 6 lipsticks. unfortunately i completely overslept the Fashion Flower collection and missed the famous "Ever Hip" lipstick. sigh- guess i will just have to find an alternative shade.
how are you all doing anyway? spent the weekend with fun activities? 

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