May 18, 2011

Recent Beauty Haul

MAC "chatterbox", "costa chic" and "playing koi"

MAC superslick liquick eye "on the hunt", MAC 209 brush, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, Dior Addict lipstick 578, Benefit "that gal"

here are some things i bought over the last two months. my mom got me a MAC voucher for easter and i spent it mostly on lipsticks. i am a little obsessed with lipsticks at the moment. and i am also trying to find the perfect long lasting black matte eyeliner. but my search has not been successful yet. everybody says that the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is very long lasting but i find it quite fading when i go out (i am disappoint!). do any of you have a recommendation? i heard the Illamasqua is supposed to be quite long lasting but it has sold out in the colour i want :(
also... i am not impressed with the Benefit products. during Glamour Shopping Week i had a little (very little- very unprofessional, very short) Benefit "make over" (which was supposed to be worth 40€?! - i beg to differ) and the lady used that primer on me (that was actually ALL she did). at that time i though it is pretty cool (i mean it looks and works like a glue stick and it smells sort of bubble gum-y/ berry-ish) but as soon as i arrived home i was all like "why did i buy this?!" a complete waste of money but maybe it's just me? anyway i don't want to start a hate campaign against Benefit... but aren't their products just very pretty packaging and ... nothing else? i guess i will stay with other brands. like Dior... oh i love the lipstick- will show you some pictures another time.
i also bought some Lancôme make up with which i am very happy with (forgot to take a picture of it)- since my skin got really dry from the Bobbi Brown foundation and this one is keeping my skin hydrated but also matte. (i have terrible skin actually. very dry but oily- a cosmetician lady recommended me Clinique skincare products which i will get as soon as i have the time- and money).
what about you gals? any cool beauty tips or product recommendations you'd like to share?

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  1. Great loot, it all looks gorgeous! I have been lusting after costa chic for sooo long now would love to see it on :)