Mar 17, 2011

Petite Chatte

Salut! i decided to do some french classes at uni this semester. if i get in the course that is... the signing up is tomorrow at midnight and i have to drive my brother to Bremen. hopefully the Hotel will provide internet. if not then i'm screwed as i also have to take an academic writing course in English. 

and i still haven't recovered from my "cold" (i am pretty sure it's a very nasty virus now!). i ran out of medication now so all i do is drinking tea. such a bad timing to be ill as there is so much to organise as for moving to my dorm room. i have to pack everything that i want to take with me and also decide what furniture i will take (still not sure about what kind of bed etc.). sigh! i want this shoes that are of course sold out in my size (damn you Topshop once again!). i think once i moved i have to go clothes shopping :3
how are you lovelies all doing?

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  1. I hope you feel better! Make sure you get alot of rest while you're sick so that you feel better! Thats great you're going to take a french course! I want to learn French too, and more Spanish!