Jan 16, 2011

Statement Rings For 2011

1. Yves Saint Laurent- 195$, 2. Topshop- 8.50£, 3. Topshop- 8.50£, 4. Miss Selfridge- 5£

i really love statement rings and i guess the YSL one has been all over the blogsphere now. i really like the lapis lazuli version actually. but also the highstreet has some very nice rings. 
by the way what do you think of my new blog banner? i changed it to a much more plain version. also my signature is different now. i'd really love to know your opinion.


  1. oh i would love to have number 1 in my life x

  2. I'm thinking about getting number 2, the colour is super cute x


  3. The ysl ring is so lovely. I'm also so glad that someone else puts £ after the numbers. Whenever I do it, people tell me it's wrong. . .