Dec 17, 2010

My Favorite Garments

ahem... of course i don't want all of this (actually i do! but i know i can't have it) but ohhh i so badly want to make my wardrobe a happier place and with those garments i am sure it would be just purrfect ;) i will try to get them little by little (like i already have some of them actually) some other are sold out like the infamous Topshop Sailor coat but i can use eBay can't i? i also am in need of a new bag for school. i think i will go for that Zara satchel. it's back in the online store but i will go and look for it in the shops next week. i have off on Monday and Tuesday so i will browse through the nearby cities and also might go to Cologne.
today i didn't go to uni because of the snow here. it's weird but all this snow does not put me in a Christmas mood at all. it doesn't feel like it's Christmas in nearly a week. it also doesn't feel like i am going to finally see my BF again. i need to do so much before he arrives actually like tidying my apartment (i also meant to paint my walls and move my furniture- ahhh so little time left!). oh and i need to make a list of what i want to buy for our Thai Christmas dinner. i decided that i will make chicken saté, rice, and a coconut prawn soup (i wish i knew the recipe for those extremely tasty cheese balls- but i can't find it anywhere on the internet) but yeah, nothing too extravagant. i know a great chinese grocery store in Dortmund and will pay there a visit on Thursday (if the snow will let me) to get all the stuff i need and perhaps a little more hehe.  
my apartment looks just awful lately! even my mom said that the way my furniture stays right now makes her very uncomfortable in here :( and i also haven't put up any Christmas decorations either. really need to do that on this weekend!
i also dyed my hair a few days ago and it turned out awful. the black hair does not go away and now i have brownish red roots and the rest is black. need to dye it darker this weekend! 

how are your Christmas preparations coming along? have you bought all your presents yet? i still need to get something for my family and my best friend and also something for my cat (perhaps a nice toy or her favorite expensive cat food?)


  1. love those skirts and coats.xx

  2. You picked some great item,s love the peter pan collar top and dress :)

    L x

  3. Woaah i adore these peter pan collar tunics and tops :) So pretty! xx

  4. Yes, really very pretty things. Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
    Snowy Christmas greetings from Berlin
    Midnight Couture Girls

  5. I love the sailor coat too but even ebay doesn't stock many now :(

    LOVE your blog, I'm now a follower, please check out mine!!