Dec 13, 2010

December Top Five

I did not do a Top Five post for November for some reason... maybe i was not using any products i liked? well, at least i have one for this month! so here are my favorite beauty products for December:

1. Monoii de Tahiti Shower Gel/Shampoo from Yves Rocher
i absolutely adore the smell of this and it always reminds me of a wonderful summer vacation (mainly because i always use it in Summer) when i saw it in the online shop i ordered three bottles as this is usually a product they sell only in summer (it was also on sale for about 2€ each) i always use it as a shampoo in Summer (it cleans your head from beach sand!) and just as a shower gel in Winter for the lovely smell

2. MAC Patisserie Lipstick 
i really like this nude shade, i actually also ordered Saint Germain but i got an Email from the shop saying that it was sold out (they had a 20% off promo) but i am also quite happy with Patisserie. it's the perfect lipstick for an everyday look.

3. Eyeko Toffee Fatbalm
this product must be reviewed everywhere it seems! but it deserves all the attention! i personally don't think it smells anywhere like toffee and i wouldn't put it on my lips but it is a great cream blusher and really stays on all day. i actually got two of them on a "buy one get one free" promo at Eyeko and gave the other one to my mom who is also using it all the time now (so if you are looking for a nice little Christmas present head over to Eyeko and get some Fatbalms and if you like use my code E10765)

4. Yves Rocher Eyeshadow Palette 
i got this as a gift with my Yves Rocher order. don't get me wrong here i am usually not Yves Rocher fangirl at all! i think a lot of their products are really bad quality, broken or just don't work! but this eyeshadow palette is perfect. i love all the colours and the included lipgloss and blusher are also nice. however i have no idea if they sell it in their regular range or if it is only used as a gift. here is a little close up: 

5. The Bodyshop Carrot Cream
ah it smells so nice and moisturizes my dry Winter skin so well. i wouldn't normally use it as i tend to get spots from too greasy creams (which this might be) but at this time of the year my skin is very grateful when i use this cream. 
also a favorite of mine: my hair rollers! i always use them at night now so when i wake up i have some cute curls and volume on my head :)

and look what a cute bag i bought the other day? i think it will be great for putting my BFs Christmas presents in! i actually received the items today and i'm sure he will look gorgeous in them. ooops i said too much....


  1. oh that make up palette looks awesome, the colours are so great. Also can't beat MAC lipstick, they really do have the best colours.

  2. i'll have to try those big velcro rollers - i've used the bendy ones before but they're so hard to sleep in! also that bag is adorable :) x

  3. I love Mac Patisserie too, it's a great natural shade for daytime :D xxx