Oct 16, 2010


Hey lovely kittens! how was your friday night? i went to a party- a slavistic party at the Ruhr University in Bochum to be precise- and it was totally mental! at first when me and my bff arrived it was empty and nobody was dancing besides two punks who were already pretty drunk by cheap beer. but as soon as it hit 11pm the dance floor became chaos! it was so crowded and hot and everywhere were glass spitters! really dangerous! usually i get really drunk but last night i didn't drink much because i was driving. last time my bff and i were there our clothes and shoes were completely wrecked because of all the glass and well, when we dance, we dance like nobody is watching ;) which on those parties is the case! everyone gets drunk and dances. well and some people are flirting and making out. but never mind me with me weird party stories. i'm usually a total social recluse. i don't like clubbing at all. the only time i go out is twice a year to those slavistic partys.

anyway. i wanted to show you a nice blusher i bought. it's limited edition and has the best pinkish colour i have ever seen! 
the Essence "Show Off" blush:

the blush is 2,45€ and the brush 2,95€- personally i think the brush is really very professional for this price. i would think it was much more expensive when i used it. although it is a little bit flat- but look... it's pink! sooo cute!
i totally would recommend it if you are looking for a very pink blush (which i did) your cheeks will look like sweet candy hehe


  1. oh i love the barbie pink colour!! :) x

  2. I love pink and the blush would make great apple cheeks! And I can't believe the brush is pink and black! :D Cuteness!