Nov 1, 2010

Another Zara Post...

I swear i also like other shops than Zara :D but i had a little browse through the online shop and found some really nice pieces! especially eyeing the leather jacket and the maxi dress. oh and how cute is the knitted dress with the fur? and the "russian" skirt? i might try them on next time i go to the shop. but i doubt i can affort  to buy them. unless Christmas comes early this year...

Maxi Dress 29,95€, Leather Coat 139€, Knitted Dress 49,95€, Skirt 29,95€ (everything available in the Zara online shop)

i promise this is my last post on Zara clothes (for now- haha) but you have to admit they make some really nice clothes don't they? and launching an online store was also great because you can check the collection without leaving the house! 

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  1. i love zara so so much, the leather jacket is gorgeous! x