Oct 8, 2010

Russian Heritage

Yesterday my parents gave me a book about Russia that my father got a few days ago from a childhood friend he went to see in Berlin. that friend actually lives in Moscow and he brought the book for my father but he gave it to me since i am more interested in such things. so anyway! that book is so beautiful! it has golden pages and there is always a famous Russian painting, a poet or something else on each page. it is full of history and i really love it! it made me a little reflecting on my Russian heritage and i thought i might show you some pictures of things that are "russian" to me. it's not vodka or anything like that. it's little handcrafts that i have collected from trips i made there and gifts my mother brought when she was visiting relatives there. so have a look at my Matroshkas!

the ladies are looking fierce don't they? when i was little i always used to be in love with the smallest one. i had a lot of Matroshkas but most got lost somewhere! a shame since they are so pretty to look at (and also quite useful for hiding money haha).

to me Russia always has something religious. it must be because i was christened in a provoslavic church when i was 7 (very late) and visiting relatives in Orenburg (not that i practise a religious life or anything like that).

yeah Russia is really cold. in winter that is! so i have a Ushatka and a Pautina shawl (spiderweb) which i actually made a presentation in my english class about. those shawls are a speciality from the region i am from (Orenburg Region) and are made from fine goat fur. they are much more precious than any cashmere!

this is my favorite little treasure. a little tea pot made of porcelain in Gzhel (60km from Moscow). it is a place where they make this fine china and paint it in those blue colours. mine also has some gold on it.

the book is in russian of course and i will hopefully finish reading it one day (it's HUGE and has a lot of pages- but yeah... one of these days!)

so what about you? what is your heritage? do you care about where you come from? do you collect little "treasures" yourself?

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