Oct 14, 2010

EXTRA! Interview With Gemma- "From Gem With Love"

Good evening everyone! tonight i have a wonderful blogger i want to introduce to you (if you haven't met her yet that is). it's beautiful Gem the face behind "from Gem with love" who recently wrote an article: "blogging a new kind of peer pressure?" that's been all over the blogsphere and who agreed to do an interview with me. so here it is:

(and that's beautiful Gem♥)

1. how come you got into blogging? was there an event where you thought "you know what?! i'm gonna start a blog today?" or what made you start "from gem with love"?
I got in to blogging originally through my cousin Charlotte, over at CharlottesWeb, we worked together and she had just started hers about Beauty,I thought wow, that's creative so I decided to give it a go. You may laugh but my very first blog was actually about gardening. I bloomin love gardening, but alas, that was more of a hobby, and I wanted to have a personal blog, where I could keep an online 'diary' say, and share cool things with people. I changed my blog to Found Herself In Photographs, but was worried that people may come across it and think it was mainly for Photography, so I saw From Gem With Love as a great title, because all I wanted to do was talk to people, it's how I'd sign off a letter.

2. i noticed your great photos. what cameras do you use and with what and how do you edit the pictures?
I have a Canon EOS 400D DSLR, a Diana Mini and a Canon Cyber Shot. But I mainly use my DSLR, i use Picasa and Photoshop CS5 to edit my pictures, Picasa is great as it is free.

3. do you believe in love at first sight? even experienced it?
No, afraid not. I don't believe you can truely fall in love with someone until you know them. You might look at them and want to rip their clothes off, but no I don't believe that you can fall in love like that, I do believe in soulmates though, I think I have most certainly found mine :) 

4. you wrote this great post about blogging pressure which is also your most popular post why do you think this post got such a big feedback? and also do YOU sometimes feel under pressure when you blog?
I thought it was very current to how everyone was feeling, I had seen a lot of posts about Haters, and it made me think that, are people doing this because they are jealous, or is it a deeper routed problem, that people feel under pressure to be as 'blog popular' as the big names in the blogging world. I think it got great feedback because it was an outlet for people to talk about how they feel, and maybe they were glad that someone spoke up about it? Some people don't like to escape from their blog genre, as maybe they feel that they would lose 'popularity' that way? All I know is that I've never held back from what I feel, I've always been honest and forth coming, it's just in my personality. The fact that so many girls thanked me and thought it was a great post, re-assures me that I did the right thing. If it offended anyone, I apologise, I wasn't trying to scapegoat or pinpoint anyone in particular. I just wanted girls to feel they could talk about it, and I was interested in how they felt.

5. how many blogs do you follow? and which one is your absolute favorite one and why?
I follow a fair few, I have sessions where I just sit down and read them. I have a few tbh, I love Vixpo, LLYMLRS, Gem Fatales Style Blog, Cowbiscuits. I love stumbling across new blogs that not many people may know about. If I had to pick one I would say Sofia's Journal, I just adore that girl, she has qualities that remind me of myself.

6. do you think there are girls who want to blog but feel like they are not intresting enough or even too "ugly" to take pictures of themselves? what tip would you give those girls?
I really hope there aren't, maybe they should read my post? I would say, start snapping away, everyone finds different things and people attractive, just because you think that blogger is amazing and gorgeous, they might actually have insecurities too. Have confidence in yourself, why should you care what people on the internet think about you? You may never ever meet them, the only person I ever want to impress is myself, if people can't love me or respect me for what I am and who I am, then they aren't worth bothering about. If you want to go in to blogging, do it, but don't feel under pressure to blog about something you don't believe in to try and seem 'interesting' how do you know people wont find you interesting? Nobody is pressuring you to take a picture of yourself, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, don;t put yourself under pressure to do it, just because you think it would make or break your blog. Sofia from Sofia's Journal has never posted a pic of herself and she is very popular. Have self belief, don't let anyone make you feel you aren't good enough.

7. you love tea don't you? what is your favorite tea? 
Oh yeah I LOVE tea, can't go without a brew. PG Tips are my fave, although I do like Green Tea sometimes.

8. if you could take 3 items to a lonely island what would they be?
My camera, survival kit and a solar powered radio.

9. do you have a tip to get our skin as pretty as yours? it's flawless!!!
It so isn't Kat, I'm a photographer remember, I know good lighting haha. Although EVE LOM is the best skincare I have ever used, recommend it to anyone, especially there face cleanser.

10. have you ever seen a blog where you thought "this person really should not blog at all. ever!"?
NO, never, and who am I to judge, if someone was being harsh and slating everyone I'd be like, erm if you've got nothing nice to say, sod off please :)

Thank you very much Gem! you are such a lovely girl come here and get a kat-hug! meow! :)
make sure to check out her blog if you haven't yet - it is really awesome!


  1. Love this post and the eyes of the girl!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
    Thanks =)

  2. i havent read the famous post but i'm interested in doing so now. i actually had a conversation with a fellow blogger about how it seems that most popular blogs involve an owner who is very tall and very skinny. they basically look like models. sometimes i feel that my style is overlooked becase i dont have a perfect body type and therefore the clothes dont look as nice on me as they would on somebody who is 5'10. but im heading right now to read this famous post.

  3. she sounds great and is stunning