Sep 21, 2010

Russian Birthdays

this saturday my father celebrated his birthday and we had lots of russian food. i also made a peanut butter chocolate cake which turned out HUGE. but enough said. look at the pictures i took 

beetroot salat

salted salmon

what would a russian birthday be without caviar? (even if it's only red one?)

and my favorite schaschlyk yummi! my dad makes the best!

for desert: watermelon- probably the last tasty one in 2010

peanut butter chocolate cake (not really russian i guess)

oooh soooo tasty

my mother also made a desert- cream puffs in a chocolate cream

of course there was much much more! and as you might guess a lot of Vodka involved too (just to be a little cliche here)
i wonder do you have "traditional" birthday food too? comment and tell me all about it please ♥

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