Sep 28, 2010

Another Day Another Chance

So after my nice dye accident i have been trying to get on with my life. i actually almost got used to that black hair... my mom says it looks dark brown in the sun. only that there is no sun anymore- there is only grayness and rain (which i actually like very much as long as i don't have to leave the house).
anyway... today i went to the shops to get some nice gifts for BF and some travel toiletries (i ended up buying nail polishes and lipliner instead) so here are some pictures:

I bought a lot of russian candy as a gift in the russian shop (they sell also sooo much canned things you wouldn't actually believe your eyes!)

and my mom finally bought a hall stand for my dresses! oh i'm so happy with it! the only problem is that it's not big enough for all my favorite clothes :-( later on i will put the clothes i want to take in my suitcase on it that way i have a very nice overview of what outfits i will wear (i'm quite OCD with things like that haha)

So yeah that's me trying to look cute with that badass black hair... it's so badass that i bought some raspberry kids shampoo for it...
Now you! My question is: when you visit friends what gifts do you usually bring with you? 


  1. ach ich finds süß <3 freu mich schon auf die slavi party
    hmm geschenke? KUCHEN oder Kekse oder vie LIIIIEBE :) hihi

  2. @Karin SLAVI PARTY!!! YEEEHAWWW! i kann's kaum noch erwarten! weißt du schon was du anziehst? :-) hihi

  3. nein aber ich hab einige kleidchen die mal ausgeführt werden möchten hihi :))